What to do With a Damaged Lottery Ticket When it's a Winner?

Winning numbers for the hugest lotto jackpot in UK of 66m

A lady has stepped forward to make a claim for 50% of National Lottery of £66m. However, she claimed that it faded when it was put through the washer.

In Worcester, a newsagent owner stated that this lady, who was ‘somehow anxious’ presented a ticket that had the winning numbers; however, the barcode and date were faded.

Damaged Lottery Ticket

So what is the next step?

According to Camelot, a lottery operator any person who believes they are in possession of a prize-winning ticket that might have gotten stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed, should take the following action so that a claim can be considered at its own discretion.

Then, immediately get in touch with them in writing and 

provide particular details that pertain to the ticket. For instance, 

the time, date and place it was purchased from, the draw date, 

digits selected and whether or not it was a Lucky Dip.

Specify what you believe happened to the ticket, for instance, it was trapped in the wash. Submit the notification to Camelot or a particular email address within 30 days of the relevant draw.

Any claims that are obtained after this period are not going to be considered. Where a damaged ticket it concerned, it should be submitted to Camelot.

How Camelot will resolve whether to Pay Out

After receiving the claim, Camelot will discreetly investigate to determine whether enough information has been issued and decide whether the claim is legal.

If it is believed to be legal, the lottery operator pays out the prize ‘within a sensible time following the expiry of the claim period.’ It is possible to pay out the prize up to 180 days following the draw date.