Ireland - Shop With ‘Winning streak’ Trades its Second Lotto Ticket Which Wins Big

A shop in Dublin is going through a lot of luck in regard to Lotto, after it sold two tickets that won in six months. The Quick Pick selection ticket which won was worth €250,000 and was purchased on Wednesday in Blanchardstown, Waterville, at the Spar.

In addition, a winning ticket of €500,000 for EuroMillions Plus was sold the previous December.

"A couple of lottery wins that are life-altering, within two months means we have been definitely confirmed to be a stroke of good luck for our clients" said Kevin Farrelly, the shop owner, after hearing about Wednesday’s huge win.

West Dublin Lotto players are being encouraged to examine their tickets, since up to now, the prize for €250,000 has not been claimed. The store is located in the center of an extremely busy residential region; however, at lunchtime, we get some lunchtime sales from the business centres nearby.

‘The winner might be anyone and we request each of our clients to examine their tickets and contact National Lottery immediately.

Jimmy Khan, an employee from the shop thinks the winner is a resident.

‘Majority of our clients are from the nearby region, so I believe the winner is someone from near here,’ he remarked.

‘It was certainly not a person who is employed here. I am not sure where our luck stems from, but I hope more individuals will be attracted to the shop by this win.’

The previous December, a dad from Dublin who had become unemployed picked a €500,000 cheque when he purchased his winning ticket from the shop in Waterville.